Our speciality

Multi-Channel user acquisition technology

Analyzing massive amounts of data to quickly identify opportunities

Proprietary performance distribution platform for programmatic buying

Sophisticated targeting capabilities to maximize quality and scale

What else we provide?

Global Coverage

Providing Viewability & Transparency

Working With Premium Direct Partners

Top Of The Line Fraud Prevention Tools

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Become an Advertiser

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Our technology


Using our highly skilled tech team we were able to create many creative solutions to our business needs. We’re fast adopters of new cutting-edge technologies and can create new products in a very high pace.

We handle large volumes of traffic and are very experienced in collecting, analyzing large amounts of data which helps us to produce insights and create optimizations that increases value.

Our current in house platform allows us to have our own unique customization for every partner’s needs.  We recognize how technology can boost your results, and make that happen.

About us

Imali combines a highly experienced board and management team and unique quality of dedicated employees, always striving to make the online advertising experience as simple and easy as possible in order to provide our partners with the most value.

Our passion stems from combining our industry knowledge and technologies with your company’s goals to build you the most effective revenue generating media plan. Over the last couple of years we’ve built brands and solutions in various media markets, including user acquisition platform, video ads, browser extensions, in-house developed browser, software distribution ad-server, content websites in a variety of areas and many more..

We’re very passionate about the internet, technology and engaging people on the web. We love it and have been doing it for many many years.

We are good at it.